30th August 2016

Useful Information

Ticket Pricing

Our usual blockbuster pricing is as follows:

A customer can be sold a £4 ticket if they can provide hard evidence of links to Solent University.

– Students must show their Solent University student card.

If suitable evidence can be produced, they will be charged £5.

A customer can be sold a £4.50 ticket if they can provide hard evidence of links to Solent University.

– Alumni can show their old Solent University student card or an official written verification (email alumni@solent.ac.uk for that).

– Solent University staff members must show a staff card or badge.

If no suitable evidence can be produced, they will be charged £5.

£5 tickets are available to anyone.

– Friends, families, general public are all welcome.

(This does not apply to free screenings or special events; their pricing or lack of will be advertised separately with the event itself.)

Age Ratings

Entry to films and events is restricted by the classification given by the British Board of Film Classification or others. We are required to refuse admission to anyone who is below the minimum age required by the relevant classification. Please bring ID for 15 and 18 rated movies.


On campus parking is only permit regulated during certain hours and outside of that, anyone is welcome to park there for free! See the bottom of this page for a campus map.

Conditions apply 0700 – 1600 Mon – Fri

    • Permit parking only
    • Permit to be displayed at all times
    • Blue badge to be displayed at all times
  • Park within marked bays only

The car park is warden patrolled. Vehicles parked at owners risk. Southampton Solent University accept no liability for damage or theft while on these premises.

Sonar Film accept no liability for any customers parking. Whilst we endeavour to ensure the information is up to date, please make sure you read the on campus signs.

Loyalty Terms and Conditions

    • A Sonar Film loyalty card may only be used for the purpose of gaining stamps or redeeming films.
    • A stamp will be given upon the purchase of a full-priced ticket (£4 with a valid Solent University student card or £4.50 for everyone else).
    • Stamps will not be given for special events (Free Films, Games Tournaments, SOSU Collaborations etc).
    • Only one stamp can be given per person per film.
    • Sonar Film loyalty cards are non-transferrable and Sonar Film reserve the right to check an individual’s ticket history to verify that cards are not being used fraudulently.
    • Once four stamps have been collected, the free ticket may be claimed at any standard screening until 11pm on the expiry date listed on the card.
    • Free tickets may not be used for special events (Free Films, Games Tournaments, SOSU Collaborations etc) or in combination with any other offer.
    • Sonar Film reserve the right to refuse to merge two cards.
    • Sonar Film reserve the right to refuse to add a stamp to a card after a customer has purchased their ticket and left the tills.
    • A Sonar Film loyalty card has no cash value.
    • Sonar Film loyalty cards are not for re-sale or transfer.
    • Sonar Film reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.
    • Sonar Film take no responsibility for lost or stolen cards.
  • Once the card has been redeemed it will be held by Sonar Film and destroyed.

Food and Drink

Sonar Film does not stock nor sell food or drink, however customers are welcome to bring their own refreshments to the showings (as long as it is not on the prohibited items list). Just make sure you clean up your mess afterwards and take your rubbish with you.


    • Hot food
    • Animals, except guide dogs.
    • Alcohol
    • The use of e-cigarettes
    • Firearms/Weapons/Explosives/Flammable Items
  • Drugs/Narcotics

Sonar Film staff reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone from the premises if they bring in any of the prohibited items.

Lost Property

All items left in the auditorium will be left at the main reception in East Park Terrace. Sonar Film does not hold any responsibility over lost property but will endeavour to make sure it stays as safe as possible.

General Terms

– Mobile phones must be switched off or in silent mode before you enter the auditorium. You must not use phones inside the auditorium during the screening.

– To avoid disturbing customers who arrive on time, customers arriving after the film has started may be refused admission to the performance. Refunds will not be issued by us in these circumstances.

– You must adhere with any health and safety procedures or instructions that are in place and notified to you by our staff or by notices.

– It is a serious criminal offence to copy or attempt to copy any film or other copyright material exhibited in any part of the cinema, punishable on conviction with an unlimited fine and imprisonment of up to a maximum of ten years. You are not permitted to bring cameras and/or recording equipment of any kind into the cinema.

– As a courtesy to your fellow audience members, and to prevent film theft, we ask that customers do not enter the cinema auditorium using any ‘wearable technology’ capable of recording images. Any customer found wearing such technology will be asked to remove it and may be asked to leave the cinema.

– We accept no responsibility for any personal property that is brought to the cinema.

Refusal Of Admission

We reserve the right to refuse admission or require you to leave the premises without a refund if you:

  • Behave in an anti-social or threatening manner
  • Put the safety of our customers, our employees or our property at risk
  • Bring a camera or recording equipment of any kind into the cinema
  • Otherwise breach these Terms.

Disabled Access

We have full disabled access too and from the screen. See map below for full access details.

East Park Terrace Access Map